N1RCW's APRS Web Page

Welcome to the N1RCW APRS Tracking Site for the Cape Cod Area.

(Static Map ,not current)

National APRS 2M Frequency 144.390 MHz

To Gain access with your Mobile station or HT to the Cape Cod Area APRS Network

on 144.390 MHz

Set the "Unproto Path or Address" Setting to


N1RCW-9 Posistion

Fixing the 144.39 APRS Network


The Digipeater in Falmouth has updated it's call sign to K1RK-1

The Fill-in Digi in Barnstable has updated it's call sign to W1SGL-2

K1RK-1 Falmouth,MA

Custom made Motorola Mitrek VHF / KPC3+ Version 9.1



The K1CKK-2 APRS Digipeater has been restored after the watertank restoration

K1CKK-2 has been updated to a Full Widen-n APRS Digi in Orleans,MA with MAn-n support

Radio: Vertex FTL-2011 @30w TNC: KPC3+ v8.33

Site has Emergency power as of  4-20-13


Current KPC 3+ Digipeater setup settings

KPC3+ 8.3-9.1


If setting up a RF APRS Home station, configuring the Ui-view program to "Fill-in" digipeat

Mobiles and Ht's in your area would greatly increase the chances of

them getting into the APRS network and showing up on the Maps!.

Current APRS Software available on the Web



AGW Software

New APRS Android software

APRS Tracker for Android 

Digipeat through the ISS (International Space Station)

UISS Software

APRS Operations via the ISS Space Station

1200 Baud RF Operations on 145.825 Mhz


Check out APRS HF activity on 30 Meters

10.147.60 USB ! 


Hope to see you on the maps!



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