Operating the following

146.730 - PL 67.0 Repeater

927.825 - PL 67.0 Repeater

145.710 Simplex W1SGL-L Echolink/Allstarlink Node

Located in Barnstable,MA

View From the W1SGL 2M Repeater Site @ 180Ft

The open access 2M repeater for all within range.

 Echolink enabled access.

W1SGL-R  712946

"Recent Updates"


Cape and Islands WX Net will start meeting daily at 0600 Hrs   

on the W1SGL 146.730 Repeater.

Anyone interested in reporting there current weather conditions at that time are

encouraged to check in to the WX-Net

RF and Internet users are welcome!


Morning Rag-Chew Net 0800 hrs Daily.


Trying out  linking the W1SGL 2M Repeater to the NEW-ENG Reflector 9129 daily from 0900 Hrs to 1830 Hrs

to possibly increase qso activity, Please jump in and say hello!


This repeater has wide area RF coverage and with the Echolink options provides

visiting users to the area the ability to make contact with home repeater systems and users

Standard DTMF options are enabled at this time


 "The Pilgrim Network" 

The W1SGL Barnstable 2M Repeater

The WA1YFV Harwich 2M Repeater

The WA1YFV Truro 2M Repeater

are currently linked full time .

Additional  Links and repeaters are welcome to "Link-in"

Please try to keep Repeater ID's and Courtesy tones from coming across the network.


2M Repeater status..

 Currently noise is getting into the repeater from some loose equipment on the tower.

More noticeable during windy conditions.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Keypad Option
08 System status
# Disconnect Command

Node Number

Connect Command

2M Repeater Streaming Audio

W1SGL Audio Feed

900 Mhz Streaming Audio

W1SGL Near 900 Network Audio Feed

W1SGL 900 Mhz Repeater

W1SGL 927.825/902.0625 PL 67.0/82.5

Linked full-time via the Near-900 IRLP Network

 New England's Near 900 Network

W1SGL-L Simplex Echolink-848086 / Allstarlink Node 29305

145.710 PL 131.8

40 W remote base at the 80 ft level of this tower.

Open access to RF/ Echolink and Allstarlink users.

Maybe connected at times to the "WX-TALK" or NEW-ENG Skywarn 9123

Conference servers during Weather Events.



Please email   

With any requests or comments

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