Here Here Little Foxy

The South Shore Fox Hunters Association


South Shore Fox Hunters Guidelines

All Fox Hunts are conducted on each  Saturday of each month. The hunt will be conducted on the Bridgewater Repeater 147.180 by Hunters and the Fox will transmit on 146.565. The hunts will start promptly at 1000 and end at 1200. The fox will transmit every 5 minutes and sometimes throw in a few extras. The Fox transmissions will last atleast 30 seconds.Clues can be given by the Fox when hunters run astray towards the end of the hunt. The Fox must maintain the same power level throughout the hunt and the antennas must be in the same configuration thruoughout the entire hunt. The Fox will not hide on occupied private property such and occupied houses or property that is posted NO TRESPASSING, etc. Hunters may start from anywhere that is to their advantage. Half the fun is to outguess the Fox.

During the hunt time the Bridgewater Repeater 147.180 can be used for Fox Hunting Coordination by the Hunters. Hunters are not allowed to talk on the Fox Frequency of 146.565 unless asked by the Fox. It is general practice that the Fox be able to communicate with the repeater if needed. This does NOT mean that his transmission to lure the Hounds has to be of this power level. Remember his job is to elude the Hounds.

Fox must keep record of participants and the times they arrived at the Den. Log sheet must be turned over to the Hunt Coordinator at conclusion of Hunt.

It is good practice to make yourself known on the repeater that you are involved in the hunt. This will let the Fox know you are still hunting so he will be looking for you at the conclusion. If for some reason a Hunter must break off the hunt please let it be known to the Fox.

Operating in STEALTH MODE is permitted, however, if you need help getting to the den at the conclusion of the hunt make it know. Our intention is to get everyone to the Den if possible at the end of the Hunt. 

The first place Hunter will be the Fox the following week.

The hunting area is as follows. East of Rt. 138 -- South of Rt. 128/93 --West of Rt. 3 -- North of Rt. 44 (approximately 333 square miles)

On occasions there will be special hunts that will have special guidelines. These hunts will be advertised on the Bridgewater nets during the previous week.

Happy Hunting and have FUN. See you at the Den.

73 Gil W1GMF